Trex RainEscape

Trex RainEscape, Deck Drainage System

There are a lot of practicalities that can be overlooked when building a new deck. This is why a professional deck builder can make all the difference when it comes to this investment in your home. You may not have even considered a deck drainage system.
We understand how important deck drainage is. We know the best way to approach this very important aspect of deck design.
It is often advisable to keep the area below your deck dry. You may use this space or simply don’t want unwanted damp below the deck. To achieve this, you need a well-designed deck drainage system.
From many years of experience, we’ve discovered that Trex RainEscape is the best drainage system for a deck. The reasons for this are plentiful. Keep reading to find out how you can benefit by installing Trex RainEscape to your deck.

How does Trex RainEscape work?

This is a simple deck drainage system that is wonderfully easy to install. You place the Trex RainEscape system under the deck boards. Any water that falls below the deck will be drained away. In winter, snow and ice melt will also escape via the mitigation system. You’ll never have to be concerned about water used to clean your deck as it will all be drained away.
Blockages are a common issue that arises with many deck drainage systems. Debris, like leaves and sticks, can collect, obstructing the flow of water away from the deck area.
The Trex RainEscape system won’t plug up easily. It is one the most efficient of its kind. Generally, debris is flushed away when it rains.
However, even the best deck drainage system can become blocked, and you want to be able to rectify the situation without much hassle.
Trex RianEscape is designed to make removing debris super easy. You only need to disassemble the affected area to clean away the debris causing the blockage. It’s simple and easy, even though you probably won’t need to do it often.

How durable is the Trex RainEscape system?

When investing in your deck, you want to know that you’re going to get lasting quality. We absolutely love Trex RainEscape specifically because it is such a durable product.
The system is made from high-quality strong plastics with ultraviolet inhibitors. This means it will remain in top condition for many years of exposure to the elements.
The Trex deck drainage system is designed to ensure longevity. Water is drained away in seconds. This means that the system remains dry, eliminating any issues during the freezing months. As snow melts, it is drained from the area with maximum efficiency.
When you speak to one of our consultants about your new decking project, be sure to enquire about our range of magnificent Trent products. Yes, RainEscape is but one of many high-quality decking accessories that we offer.
Our deck design team will always consider your needs. Incorporating a durable, low-maintenance deck drainage system is all part of the service.
All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll ensure you have the deck of your dreams, with all the practicalities taken care of by experts who know and understand every detail of deck building and design.

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