Steel Deck Framing

Steel Deck Framing

A quality deck is a fantastic way to make the best use of your outdoor living spaces. Modern materials, like composites and PVC, make for durable decks, requiring very little maintenance. However, it doesn’t make much sense to build a strong, low-maintenance deck if the deck frame isn’t up to the same standard.

Traditional deck building techniques make use of pressure-treated lumber framing. Over time, these frames are susceptible to damage from the elements. This will undermine the structural integrity of your deck frame and it will lose its aesthetic appeal.

Steel deck framing is arguably the best way to build a robust deck that won’t require much maintenance.

What are the advantages of steel deck framing?

If you’re considering a steel-framed deck, here are some compelling reasons why you should consider it the
best option.

1. Increased Lifespan
Generally, the expected life of a pressure-treated wood deck frame is about 10-years. Despite chemical treatments, moisture and insects take their toll on traditional wooden deck frames. Steel is a hardy material that will last for decades with very little maintenance required.
Because steel deck frames don’t deteriorate easily, they are much safer – especially for elevated decks and
commercial properties that experience a greater volume of foot traffic.

2. Fire Safety
Unlike wood, steel is not combustible. If an accidental fire occurs, you can be assured that the all-important structure supporting your deck will remain safe and sound.
This allows you to enjoy a barbecue or candle-lit dinner on your deck with complete confidence.

3. Creative Design Options
Because steel is such a versatile and flexible material, you have fewer design restrictions compared to traditional wood-framed decks. Steel can be bent to form beautiful shapes. It is able to cover a greater span than wood with less support.
Deck steel framing allows for a much more creative design, enhancing the beauty of your outdoor environment.

4. Environmental Sustainability
Every tree we fell is one too many. Not to mention all the chemicals used to manufacture pressure-treated
wood. A structural steel deck frame has none of these disadvantages.
Steel is 100% recyclable and can be used many times without harming the environment.

5. Low-Maintenance
Unlike wood, steel requires very little regular maintenance.

Is steel deck framing worth it?

Since a good quality deck is a great investment, using the best materials is an obvious advantage. When it comes down to dollars and cents, a steel deck frame should last more than five times longer than traditional lumber. This means five times more value for hard-earned cash.
Steel deck framing provides exceptional strength, improving the sturdiness of the entire deck and increasing your design options. With very little maintenance required, a steel deck frame will be an investment that could last a lifetime.
Fortress steel deck framing offers incredible peace of mind, with a 25-year warranty. Installed by a professional deck builder, these frames can last for more than 60-years with some basic routine maintenance – salt removal and touching up with a sealant when required.