Pergolas and arbors

Custom pergolas and arbors construction services

Pergola is that unique outdoor structure that gives you a relief from harsh sun rays and at the same time glamorizes your backyard. Pergolas are usually produced from vertical posts and pillars and are topped with lattice. Climbing plants and flowers decorate pergolas and in such a way create a cozy space for your relaxation. Pergolas may be constructed in all parts of your backyard: near pathways, on patio, in the garden or near pool. It can stand a bit away from a house and be its harmonic addition.

This outstanding structure helps feel connected to the nature and refreshed from everyday routine. What can be better than enjoying a refreshing drink with your family or friends or reading a book in a shadow place.

Because an uncovered patio usually becomes hot in summer months, most of customers prefer pergolas to be constructed particularly on patios.

So what advantages a pergola offers:

  • It reduces amount of sun.
  • It is a great decoration and extension of a house.
  • It provides privacy from neighbors and passersby.
  • It adds value to your home in case you are going to sell it in future.
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