Ipe decking

Ipe decking

Hardwood decking has a range of benefits that cannot be underestimated. Despite its high cost, a deck is worth of being built out of this hardwood. Outstanding texture, aroma and its duration are self-evident. The main sorts of the hardwood are as follows: Tigerwood, IPE, Batu and Cumaru. The lifetime of the hardwood lasts for more than 25 years in case you keep your deck in a proper maintenance. You can do the maths and make a conclusion that a hardwood IPE decking is really beneficial. The standard deck boards 5/4”x6” are being constructed with the help of hidden screws and fasteners

pressure treated Ipe Decking

IPE Decking – your ideal material for deck construction

Let’s place greater focus on IPE Decking. Although this hardwood decking type is in a great demand among our clients, due to its characteristics it is the most appropriate for Vancouver’s climate. IPE Decking is rot and insect-resistant. This hardwood is often called an iron wood. And it is not difficult in maintenance – just oil the deck once a year. Before using this valuable material in construction, it has to be cut and fastened in a proper way. Taking into account all abovementioned points, the high price of this hardwood becomes pretty reasonable. Make your choice in favor of IPE Decking and you will never feel sorry for it.

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