Custom fences construction

Importance of fences is out of question. Its main functions are to secure ownership and determine property boundaries. Besides, they provide privacy that is a normal need of each human being. Fences characterize what kind of people are living behind them. Thus, fences must be also attractive and prominent.

Gates is the entry to your dwelling place. Gates make the initial impression of an owner of a house that’s why their role cannot be underestimated. Decks for Life focuses on all details of your gates starting from design and finishing by the last bolt. You are also free in creation of your own design. We are just at your hand to implement all your desires.

Decks for Life install life-lived cedar fences. Their design will please you for many years. Additionally, you will get a five-year warranty that proves its high quality. Fences may be stained any color you are fine with. Due to quality of materials and leading construction techniques your new fences will serve for a long time. They are protected from destroying factors: rotting, various insects, fungus, sunburst, bugs etc. All fences parts are made of first-grade materials. So, no need to worry about corrosion or dry rot. Toronto’s climate is not suitable for using staples which actually won’t function long. Decks for Life install rock-solid fences using galvanized nails and screws. Only in case of lattice installation we hold slats together with the help of staples.


Advantages of fences installed by Decks for Life are as follows:

  • You feel yourself secured
  • Fences does duty for a shelter from weather surprises
  • You have accurate land boundaries
  • Attractive appearance of your fences
  • Your family and pets are safe
  • Fences offer privacy
  • Quality of materials make fences serve many years

Decks for Life offer the following types of fences for your choice:

  • Cedar Fence – Privacy Fences
  • Cedar Picket Fences
  • Cedar Lattice Top Fence
  • Good Neighbor Cedar Fence Panels
  • Venetian Cedar Fence Panels
  • Specialty Cedar Fencing

You may also choose lattice according to your preferences:

  • Arch top
  • Horizontal
  • Square
  • Cross hatch
  • Criss-cross