Deck repair

Deck repair services

Time is working against everything. And a deck is not the exception. Years later, you may face some problems like rot and splits. Guard rails and stairs may become dangerous to step on. Prevent unpleasant accidents by having contacted Decks for Life.

Deck repair and restoration process

Many become desperate because of the poor deck condition. They are sure that it is hardly possible to save their deck from deep splits, broken staircases and other keys details of a full construction. In most of cases we bring decks to life. Here is a sequence of the deck repair process:

  1. To remove rotten boards and install new ones.
  2. To strengthen connections which in course of time become pretty weak.
  3. To cover a surface with sand.
  4. To apply 3-inch screws and exothermic polymer filler.
  5. To sand it again for achieving an unruffled surface.
  6. To use our patented coating three times.

We are not at a loss at all if your deck is far away from being perfect. It doesn’t matter what kind of restoration your deck needs, we will apply every effort to make your deck look fabulous again. We will fulfil all necessary replacements, tighten binding parts and make your deck functional again. Rely on real professionals!

Deck maintenance recommendations

To avoid the abovementioned destruction, please follow our maintenance tips which are appropriate for any wooden deck:

  • Clean your deck with a broom and afterwards wash it thoroughly with water. These simple actions will remove dirt and wipe-out even hard-to-clean stains.
  • Seal your deck. In this matter Decks for Life is always up to help you.
  • Replace boards. You may check their condition having screwed the wood. If a screwdriver moves inside the wood smoothly, it means they are to be removed.

Decks for Life doesn’t accept any compromises if safety is not strictly observed. Our company doesn’t perform any works if they are not necessary. We value our reputation. That’s why all our clients trust us and give us power to create, modify and repair constructions in places where they spend their lives. And we are very proud of that.

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