Custom gates

Custom gates construction service

Gates is the integral part of any fence. Its function is to provide an easy entry and exit out of the yard. Beyond all doubts, gates must match a fence’s design. Wooden gates have many advantages and therefore, are worth of being installed. They enable a smooth decoration in any variations. Besides, you make entrance through a fence. Solid wood panel and strong hardware, used in its building, will make the structure more secured. None would dare to come in without your direct permission.

Arched or Headers

Due to a header or arch your gates will look more eye-appealing. Along with beauty, a header holds the whole gate’s structure much stronger.

Gate/ Fence Inserts

Fence Inserts will personalize your fence and gate and make them unique. You may choose any size and material of fence inserts. You are also free to apply any design you wish.

Double Gates

Size and shape of gates is not a problem. Thus, depending on your needs, double gates may let in anything you would like: a boat, a car, a trailer, any large-sized things. Our task is to design it according to your preferences.

Gate Repairs

Gate repairs is not our prerogative, and usually we don’t fulfil such kinds of works. But we are not against to make exceptions. In case we perform other projects on the territory of your property, e.g. a fence, pergola, deck etc., we are ready to repair, redesign or repaint your gates. But our experience shows that at the end owners change gates completely referring to the fact that repairing of gates may turn into large expenses. Very often the cost of repairing coincides with the cost of installation of new gates.