deck stain and painting

Deck Stain Vs. Deck Paint

Benefits of deck stain and painting

A beautiful deck is what every homeowner in Toronto wants. These outdoor structures add life and personality to you exterior aesthetics. That’s why they should be maintained in the best condition possible. Protecting your deck from outdoor elements is of utmost importance. Otherwise, it will become ugly due to cracks, twists, and warps as it absorbs moisture and heat from the sun.

As a homeowner, you have to choose between painting and staining for your deck. The two techniques to add a protective layer that keeps the deck safe from outdoor elements such as moisture, direct sun, winter ice, and so on. But which of the two should you use for your decks Toronto? Well, both of them are quite different but popular in Toronto.

Although you can ask your deck builder to recommend the best option, you need to have the right information. In this handy guide, we have rounded up some of the main pros and cons of deck painting and staining.

Pros and Cons of deck painting

Deck Painting has numerous benefits that make it popular with homeowners in Toronto. However, there are also a couple of drawbacks that drive deck owners to other alternatives. Here are the main pros and cons of deck painting.

Pros of Painting

Easy Maintain. When compared to staining, painting is easy to maintain and last longer. Once you have painted the deck, it will take a very long time before you can consider repainting. It has been proven that a quality painting, done by a professional, can last for 10 years. So, you will spend less to maintain a painted deck.

A range of color options. When it comes to painting, you have a plethora of colors to choose from. If you’re looking for a custom deck, you have an opportunity to pick the paint color of your choice. Therefore, painting allows you to play around with colors to achieve the desired results.

You can hide flaws. If your deck is old or has some cracks that would make it look ugly, then you need paint. It will help you mask all these flaws and make your deck look new.

Cons of Painting

Traps moisture. Painting does not protect the deco from all moisture. Since the deck lies horizontally, there is a high likelihood of water pooling on it. This water eventual gets access to the wood.

Conceal Wood Beauty. The beauty of the wood deck is the natural appeal of the wood. But when you apply paint, this beauty is concealed.

Pros and Cons of Deck Staining

Unlike painting, staining provides a protective layer to the deck while maintaining its original beauty. If your deck is constructed from redwood, cedar, or exotic hardwood materials, stains will maintain the wood’s natural beauty.

Pros of Staining

Pocket-friendly. At any given time, stains are cheaper than paint. In addition, painting requires a primer, something that staining does not need. So the overall cost of staining is cheaper compared to painting.

Stains give a natural look. Unlike paint, stains do not conceal the wood. So if you had constructed the deck from exotic wood because of its natural grain patterns, then staining would be the best option. It will maintain the natural look of the wood.

Easy to apply. The entire process of staining is straightforward. In addition, stains have runny consistency, which prevents globs (common in painting) from forming. That makes it easy to work with.

You can determine how much of the wood is visible. With staining, you can determine the level of opacity that you want. That means you can control how much of the wood’s texture, grain or color is visible.

No moisture. If you apply a quality stain, it will penetrate the wood grains and seal it. That’s how stain prevents moisture from penetrating you deck wood. So your deck will have an extended lifespan.

Cons of Staining

Stains don’t last for long. Unlike paint that lasts for almost 10 years, you need to stain your deck every year. That means you will spend more money in the long run

Won’t hide flaws. If your deck wood is cracked or old, staining will not conceal these flaws. That is where paint becomes the best option.

Stains don't work on all wood. Unlike paint, these are woods that don’t hold stains. A good example is some tropical hardwoods that are very dense and do not hold stains very well.

Before you set off to paint or stain your deck, these are some of the factors to consider to make an informed decision. You must also hire a professional deck builder in Toronto for installation. In addition, use the best quality material for your deck. These are two factors that will enable you to get perfect deck after staining or painting.

Right deck for backyard

Toronto deck regulations

Toronto(GTA)wood deck regulation guide

We would like to share a small piece of a useful information. Homeowners should know that a deck should be constructed according to all building codes and it is a responsibility of a homeowner to get a building permit. Some unconscionable constructers insist on construction of a deck without any permit. Afterwards, in such cases there is a constructed deck that has to be removed or readjusted. It entails troubles and additional costs. We advise you obtain a necessary permit and enjoy a constructed deck with a calm soul.

Let’s learn in what cases you will need a building permit.

Size and location of a deck play a key role in this issue. If a deck square is more than 108 sq. ft. and its height is about 2 feet, you are obliged to get a building permit. If a deck is the extension of your home, you are not allowed to build a deck without a permit. In case you would like to sell your home in future, the city authorities will fulfil the thorough examination of your deck and point out what has been constructed improperly. That’s why our advice is to get the building permit at all accounts.

Pay attention on the square footage of your deck, especially on its foundation. Don’t let a deck be constructed too close to a lot line as it may also cause troubles and finally you would have to remove it away.

Guard rails on your deck

In order to prevent a fall, please make sure that guard rails are of a sufficient height. If your deck has been constructed about 2 feet above the ground,do install guard rails of a three feet height. Or if your deck is much higher, let’s say, it is six-foot-high, make sure that a height of guard rails is at least 3,5 feet.

Keep all these factors in mind and build a deck of your dreams according to all necessary requirements and laws.

deck maintenance rules

Deck maintenance rules and tips

Simple maintenance rules to keep your deck in a perfect condition

Deck as any other thing requires a careful maintenance. Since it is easy damageable and biodegradable, there are some ways that will prevent repairs and reconstruction. Follow these not complicated rules and you will save your money, time and nerves.

Wash your deck when spring comes

  1. At first you will need a putty knife to clean up spaces between deck boards. Try to be careful with underneath parts of your deck. To facilitate execution of the task, please push your putty knife’s handle into a length of 1,25 inch PVC pipe. In case your putty knife is inapplicable, the best tool you are to use is a pole-type groove.
  2. Make sure that your plants like bushes and tidy flowers are taken care of. They should be also watered and covered with a sheeting.
  3. Broom your deck.
  4. Cleaner should be chosen according to a deck’s material.

If a deck is wooden: you may take a commonly used cleaner. In any case, before using it, thoroughly read instructions because some cleaners require a surface of a deck to be wet, others – to be dry.

If a deck is composite: you will need a special cleaner that is appropriate for composite materials only. Detergents will clean a deck from spot of grease or different hard-to-clean stains.

If a deck is vinyl (cellular PVC): just use soap and water. This simple combination will easily remove debris, mildew and any other dirt.

5. Cloudy weather is your reliable ally in cleaning a deck. Why? Because clouds won’t let the sun evaporate the cleaner.

If a deck is composite: you won’t need a pressure washer because it can be damageable for your deck. First, use a soft brush to scrub a deck and then clean it with the help of a deck brightener containing oxalic acid. In such a way you will easily remove all rust and dirt stains.

If a deck is vinyl: scrub your deck with a stiff brush in a circular motion. After scrubbing, wash it in a proper way.

6. Your deck needs two days to get fully dried before sealing.

How to clean wooden railings

While cleaning railings you should follow the standard sequence of actions: clean, scrub and wash with clean water. However, you must pay attention on the manner of cleaning: from the bottom up. This particular way of cleaning will help you to prevent marks which appear while working from the top down. Why from the top down manner is not appropriate? Splattering drops fall on a dry surface and under the influence of sun rays turn into marks. In contrast, from the bottom up manner of cleaning won’t leave any marks because splatters fall on a wet deck which is already diluted with a cleaner.

right deck for your backyard

How to choose the right deck for your backyard

Wood decks

Wood is the most used material. It glamorizes the place and is smooth to the touch. This deck material demands much attention and care. One should keep in mind that wooden decks are to be re-sealed every 2-3 years. There is also no need to say that it must be cleaned at least once per year. Actually it is not a secret that wood is a pretty delicate material that can be rotted, splintered, broken or wrapped. In case you see evident signs of wear, a colored protectant would definitely slow down the wear of your deck for additional 3-5 years.

Decks for life provides the following types of wood:

Pressure Treated wood: it is the cheapest type. But despite the low price, such decks made out of this type of wood is pretty durable, they serve for about 15-20 years. You may stain and paint them any color you wish. You just have to be careful while installing pressure treated wood decks because chemicals they are polished with may be toxic.

Redwood and Cedar are always in great request. This type of wood is the most beautiful and biodegradable. Although redwood and cedar are soft woods, they will serve for you for more than 20 years only if you maintain them in a proper way.

IPE wood if you don’t have any intentions to change your deck for the next 25 years, the IPE wood is what you need. Its main characteristics are: resistant to wear, splintering, bugs and rot. The most impressive fact is that even fire is unable to damage it. This type of wood is being delivered from South America.

High quality wood is easy and beneficial in maintenance. Everyone knows the value of time, that’s why don’t waste it by washing, staining or polarizing the wood – just make you choice in favor of high-quality wood that will save both your time and money.