DecksforLife is committed to providing best possible deck building solutions. We always prioritize customer’s safety by following local building code and code compilable hardware. In this article we’ll try to point out the most important deck safety features followed by the Building Code of Ontario. Here are some crucial aspects:

Decksforlife Deck Safety Features

Railing Height Regulations:

Safety is a priority when it comes to deck planning and building, and proper railing height is a key factor. According to the Building Code of Ontario, if your deck is over 2 feet in height, railing is mandatory (in case if the deck is not over 5 ft height, railing can be 36 inches height). For decks exceeding 5 feet in height, the railing should be at least 42 inches tall, ensuring a secure barrier for everyone on your deck.

Step Dimensions:

Well-constructed and properly proportioned steps are vital for preventing accidents.
In accordance with Building Code of Ontario the maximum height for each step should not exceed 200 mm. Deck treads width should be also considered as a safety feature. We always recommend our customers to go with the step treads at least 10 inch wide. Step stringers should not exceed 16 inch OC (16 inch apart from each other). This guideline ensures a comfortable and safe ascent or descent for users.

Deck building joists

Structural Integrity:

Decks must be built with a strong foundation, weather resistant and reliable long lasting materials. The Building Code of Ontario mandates the use of pressure-treated wood or steel framing for deck construction. In most cases DecksforLife recommends utilizing 2×8 or 2×10 pressure-treated lumber, ensuring durability and resistance to decay.

Joist and Beam Specifications:

To meet safety standards, it’s crucial to construct decks with proper joist and beam dimensions. The Building Code of Ontario provides guidelines and special charts for thickness and spans, and DecksforLife adheres strictly to these rules. This ensures the structural stability of your deck, preventing any compromise in safety.


At DecksforLife, we understand the importance of deck building safety and our commitment to strictly follow the Building Code of Ontario reflects in every project we undertake. From railing heights to step dimensions and the use of proper sized lumber, our expert team prioritizes safety without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. Trust DecksforLife to transform your outdoor space into a secure and stylish haven.

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