Average Price to Build a Deck Toronto in 2023

Decks are a great addition to any backyard in Toronto (Greater Toronto area) – providing outdoor space for entertainment, leisure activities, and gatherings with friends and family. Building a deck requires planning, preparation, and budgeting, so it’s essential to consider all of the different material options before starting.
With so many materials available in today’s market, each option brings unique features and advantages to consider to make the best decision for your space and budget.
Our article provides an overview of available material options for building a deck in Toronto, along with their estimated current costs. This valuable information can help determine which material suits your needs while staying within the desired budget.

Cost to build a deck material and labor

Deck materialLow-CostExpensive
Treated wood$27/ sq.ft.$37/ sq.ft.
Cedar$29/ sq.ft.$40/ sq.ft.
Composite$32/ sq.ft$55/ sq.ft
PVC$39 sq.ft.$60/ sq.ft.

Pressure Treated Decks

Deck builders PT DeckPressure-treated wood is an appealing and pocket-friendly option for decking in Toronto. This type of wood is made from softwood treated with preservatives to ensure it won’t succumb to rot, insects, or decay. On top of being simple to install, pressure-treated wood also gives off a natural aesthetic to give your outdoor space the perfect touch.
Pressure-treated deck prices range from affordable $27 to $37 per square foot – depending on the quality, thickness, and where you get it from – ensuring this is an excellent option for anyone on a budget but still wanting something high quality and reliable.
It’s also worth noting that pressure-treated wood is not the most eco-friendly option, as the chemicals used in the treatment process can harm the environment. However, many suppliers offer sustainable options that use safer treatment methods, so ask your supplier about their environmental policies and options. More info about pressure treated decks Read here


Cedar Decks

Price deck buildCedar wood is quickly becoming a popular choice of decking material in Toronto because of its natural beauty, ability to resist insects and rot, and distinctive reddish-brown color that adds warmth and elegance to
outdoor spaces.
While it may be more expensive than pressure-treated wood, cedar wood is still affordable compared to composite and PVC materials.
Depending on the grade, thickness, and location of purchase, the cedar deck cost range in Toronto spans from $29 to $40 per square foot, which makes it an excellent value for homeowners looking for quality decking materials.


Composite Decks

Deck companies composite deck with privacy screenComposite decking is an excellent choice for those who desire a beautiful outdoor oasis requiring less maintenance than traditional wooden decking.
It resists rot, cracking, and fading better than most natural woods, which stands the test of time to keep your deck looking its best. Composite decking also has many style and color options that will meet the aesthete needs of nearly any outdoor space.
For those in Toronto, composite products come with a decking price from $32 to $55 per square foot depending on the quality of the brand and purchase location; but even with this slightly higher deck price tag at first glance, you’ll save on long-term maintenance costs as described above. More info about composite decks Read here


PVC Decks

PVC deck pricePVC decking has become increasingly popular for those looking for an outdoor deck solution that will last. Constructed entirely from synthetic plastic, it offers superior durability and low maintenance, removing the need for frequent painting and staining.
Available in various colors and textures, including many wood grain patterns, PVC decking can perfectly match or contrast with the existing décor of your backyard. Anyone opting to choose PVC should be aware that it is typically the most expensive option since deck building cost in Toronto range from $39 to $60 pe r square foot, depending on brand quality.


When choosing a decking material, it’s essential to remember that it requires some maintenance to keep it looking its best. Regular cleaning and sealing will help to protect the decks from weather damage, prolonging their lifespan and keeping it looking beautiful for years to come.
As you can see, the cost of deck building in Toronto depends on many factors, and they range quite widely. It’s important to remember that these figures serve only as estimates and can easily be higher or lower than mentioned based on the size, design, and materials used.
Before beginning any deck construction project, talk to a reliable contractor who can assess your needs and develop a budget that fits. Understanding the cost breakdowns beforehand gives you a better chance of staying within your budget parameters during the project