Right deck for backyard

Toronto(GTA) deck regulation guide

We would like to share a small piece of a useful information. Homeowners should know that a deck should be constructed according to all building codes and it is a responsibility of a homeowner to get a building permit. Some unconscionable constructers insist on construction of a deck without any permit. Afterwards, in such cases there is a constructed deck that has to be removed or readjusted. It entails troubles and additional costs. We advise you obtain a necessary permit and enjoy a constructed deck with a calm soul.

Let’s learn in what cases you will need a building permit.

Size and location of a deck play a key role in this issue. If a deck square is more than 108 sq. ft. and its height is about 2 feet, you are obliged to get a building permit. If a deck is the extension of your home, you are not allowed to build a deck without a permit. In case you would like to sell your home in future, the city authorities will fulfil the thorough examination of your deck and point out what has been constructed improperly. That’s why our advice is to get the building permit at all accounts.

Pay attention on the square footage of your deck, especially on its foundation. Don’t let a deck be constructed too close to a lot line as it may also cause troubles and finally you would have to remove it away.

Guard rails on your deck

In order to prevent a fall, please make sure that guard rails are of a sufficient height. If your deck has been constructed about 2 feet above the ground,do install guard rails of a three feet height. Or if your deck is much higher, let’s say, it is six-foot-high, make sure that a height of guard rails is at least 3,5 feet.

Keep all these factors in mind and build a deck of your dreams according to all necessary requirements and laws. To find out more, please contact us 

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