deck maintenance rules

Simple maintenance rules to keep your deck in a perfect condition

Deck as any other thing requires a careful maintenance. Since it is easy damageable and biodegradable, there are some ways that will prevent repairs and reconstruction. Follow these not complicated rules and you will save your money, time and nerves.

Wash your deck when spring comes

  1. At first you will need a putty knife to clean up spaces between deck boards. Try to be careful with underneath parts of your deck. To facilitate execution of the task, please push your putty knife’s handle into a length of 1,25 inch PVC pipe. In case your putty knife is inapplicable, the best tool you are to use is a pole-type groove.
  2. Make sure that your plants like bushes and tidy flowers are taken care of. They should be also watered and covered with a sheeting.
  3. Broom your deck.
  4. Cleaner should be chosen according to a deck’s material.

If a deck is wooden: you may take a commonly used cleaner. In any case, before using it, thoroughly read instructions because some cleaners require a surface of a deck to be wet, others – to be dry.

If a deck is composite: you will need a special cleaner that is appropriate for composite materials only. Detergents will clean a deck from spot of grease or different hard-to-clean stains.

If a deck is vinyl (cellular PVC): just use soap and water. This simple combination will easily remove debris, mildew and any other dirt.

5. Cloudy weather is your reliable ally in cleaning a deck. Why? Because clouds won’t let the sun evaporate the cleaner.

If a deck is composite: you won’t need a pressure washer because it can be damageable for your deck. First, use a soft brush to scrub a deck and then clean it with the help of a deck brightener containing oxalic acid. In such a way you will easily remove all rust and dirt stains.

If a deck is vinyl: scrub your deck with a stiff brush in a circular motion. After scrubbing, wash it in a proper way.

6. Your deck needs two days to get fully dried before sealing.

How to clean wooden railings

While cleaning railings you should follow the standard sequence of actions: clean, scrub and wash with clean water. However, you must pay attention on the manner of cleaning: from the bottom up. This particular way of cleaning will help you to prevent marks which appear while working from the top down. Why from the top down manner is not appropriate? Splattering drops fall on a dry surface and under the influence of sun rays turn into marks. In contrast, from the bottom up manner of cleaning won’t leave any marks because splatters fall on a wet deck which is already diluted with a cleaner.