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Why choose wood as a deck material

Wood is the most used material. It glamorizes the place and is smooth to the touch. This deck material demands much attention and care. One should keep in mind that wooden decks are to be re-sealed every 2-3 years. There is also no need to say that it must be cleaned at least once per year. Actually it is not a secret that wood is a pretty delicate material that can be rotted, splintered, broken or wrapped. In case you see evident signs of wear, a colored protectant would definitely slow down the wear of your deck for additional 3-5 years.

Decks for life provides the following types of wood:

Pressure Treated wood: it is the cheapest type. But despite the low price, such decks made out of this type of wood is pretty durable, they serve for about 15-20 years. You may stain and paint them any color you wish. You just have to be careful while installing pressure treated wood decks because chemicals they are polished with may be toxic.

Redwood and Cedar are always in great request. This type of wood is the most beautiful and biodegradable. Although redwood and cedar are soft woods, they will serve for you for more than 20 years only if you maintain them in a proper way.

IPE wood if you don’t have any intentions to change your deck for the next 25 years, the IPE wood is what you need. Its main characteristics are: resistant to wear, splintering, bugs and rot. The most impressive fact is that even fire is unable to damage it. This type of wood is being delivered from South America.

High quality wood is easy and beneficial in maintenance. Everyone knows the value of time, that’s why don’t waste it by washing, staining or polarizing the wood – just make you choice in favor of high-quality wood that will save both your time and money.

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